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There are only a few things that Jason Timms and his partner, Mike Dean, cofounders of Dark2Light Outreach Ministries want at this point.  One of them is to help young people understand and find Salvation.

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Christian Outreach in inner city Akron, Ohio

Operating out of The Bill Denton Outreach Center, a local hall amidst an inner city setting at the corner of Brown and South Street in Akron, Ohio, the doors open once again on a Friday evening to welcome the local community in for a Friday night movie.  The room fills up slowly, and is a welcome reprieve for mostly kids and teens, families and anyone who wants a place to hang out that is looking for an alternative to the street, or the what other local establishments may be offering.  The hall fills with the reverberating sound of speakers oversized for this venue, but it adds to the buzz and some of the draw of Friday movie night.

“D2L is community service oriented organization,  and we offer many opportunities to interact with the community such as with our movie night that draws a good crowd, but our real passion is our music “, says Jason Timms, organizer and musician in several local bands, including Bind The Strongman, which plays frequently but not exclusively at Dark2light events. The genre – heavy metal with a mix of rap and funk, is intentionally picked to attract teenage and young adults to their location.   “If you want them to listen to your message then you have to play it in a way that they will sync up, enjoy and keep coming back for more.”

Though this music may make a parishioners’ ears bleed at most traditional Baptist churches, not so at Akron Bible Church, a local congregation who has embraced Dark2Light, joining  forces  with their youth group, and forming a praise band called Twisted, to worship together, united in music and mission one Sunday and one Wednesday night a month.

Dark2Light primary mission is to deliver a Christian message about salvation to the local Akron community, a place Jason and Mike  have always called home, and encourage others to walk a path of helping others in service. They open their doors for concerts with a variety of  programming.   The Bill Denton Center happenings include country, jazz and folk concerts as well, and the band often takes road trips, participating in many tent revivals, as music and mission can coexist in many genres and geographies.    But the most recent project is the one that has brought the most excitement and joy to D2L’s leadership.  They have created a musical play called Introducing Jonny A Salvation Story, about a man named Jonny who has struggled to survive in a challenging neighborhood with an often unsupportive and dysfunctional family, falling in and out of trouble with the law that lead to imprisonment.

Bringing Johnny to life in a 56 minute story set to music, develops a character story that the audience understands,” says Timms.  “Both the music and the story line, put our audience into his shoes, and bring them along a path to understanding difficult concepts of the rise and fall of humanity, and their opportunity for salvation through faith”.  In many cases, this is the first time the attendees our hearing this message.  To find out what happens to Johnny and whether he comes into the light, you will need to attend one of their musical concerts.

Dark2Light ministry hopes to reach as many people as they can, starting in inner city Akron, but will expand their programming and messaging to a much wider audience as opportunities present themselves.  “Were open, we want to help, and ready for our next call” says Timms.  “We want other local ministries to join us in creating more programs and expanding the audience.  If we can help one person in just one night, then the Lord has blessed our mission and fulfilled our purpose.”

The mission of Dark2Light is closely aligned to HlpSum1’ s mission of inspiring people to help others, and expand their messaging to include many people in a role of connectors and multipliers.  You can learn more about Dark2Light or contribute to their maintenance and upkeep of The Bill Denton Outreach Center, by contacting them through their Facebook page at.

 And through e-mail